OMC Engine Wiring Harness

An engine wiring harness is a string of cables or wires which transmit power or energy to various sections of the engine. It carries power back and forth between the fuse box, the engine and any other electrical components located under the hood of the car. The wiring harness reduces the risk of an electrical short.

It is clear then how important this engine wiring harnesses. We are proud to inform you our dear boaters that we have the best engine wiring harnesses manufacturer, the CDI Electronics.

ALL CDI engine harnesses are custom made, high temperature, burn-proof wire for more current capacity and flexibility. Designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. We can offer you two of the best options of engine wiring harnesses. Check our wiring harnesses below.


OMC Flat plug Internal Engine Harnesses


OMC Round Plug Boat-Side Harnesses

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