Meter Accessories and Spark Tester

Meter accessories and spark tester are a must to have in our boat. Why? With this spark tester, you can diagnose if the ignition system of your boat is working or not. This spark tester is very important to have since we can check if there are appropriate charge in spark plug in order to start the engine. Spark tester goes hand in hand with other meter accessories that are found below.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125298646__42061.1376588174.120.120 Multimeter Ampmeter Adapter 511-9772 a device that you can use to measure several key details of an electric circuit.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125313610__93424.1376588177.120.120  Multimeter Breakout Box 511-9756 Use to replace ignition coil for testing DVA output from ignition pack if a bad coil is suspected.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125343433__74939.1376588182.120.120  Multimeter Pack Load Resistor 511-9775  Use to replace ignition coil for testing DVA output from ignition pack if a bad coil is suspected.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125354889__87698.1376588245.120.120   Multimeter Remote DVA Test Harness 511-9776 Designed for use with 1978-2000 Mercury outboard motors with separate packs and ignition coils, Johnson/Evinrude 1973-2006 and Yamaha engines. When connected to the ignition coils, the 15 foot harness allows you to connect a DVA Adapter/Meter to coils and switch cylinders while the engine is ranking is cranking, idling or running at wide open throttle. Can also be used to check trigger and stator voltages on some engines.

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Happy sailing everyone!