CDI Mercury RPM Rev Limiters Replacement

“A rev. limiter is a device fitted to an internal combustion engine to restrict its maximum rotational speed. This is usually carried out to prevent damage to the engine, however Rev Limiters are fitted to prevent an engine reaching the point at which it develops maximum power. Limiters can be used in conjunction with a shift light, which illuminates when the desired RPM is reached, indicating to the driver that a gear change is required.Limiters prevent damage to an engine by interrupting the power that is distributed to the spark plugs; this prevents the engine from operating above a pre-determined RPM level known as redline. Rev Limiters are used as a means of increasing the fuel efficiency of commercial motor vehicles. Limiters can be individually adjusted by fleet owners to meet the performance requirements of many different driving conditions.”

And so it is very clear that these Rev Limiters is essential to our boat since it not only boost the boat performance, Rev Limiters also increase the fuel efficiency of the boat. That is why it is important to do the checking up of our Limiters so that we can assure that it is working properly. With this, we would like to present our CDI Mercury RPM Rev Limiters Replacement that is found and available at

yhst-83271529006897_2269_117244826__27578.1376588190.120.120  Mercury 5200 RPM Limiter 144-1889-51

yhst-83271529006897_2269_117244826__27578.1376588190.120.120 Mercury 5800 RPM Limiter 144-1889-52

yhst-83271529006897_2269_117215754__31791.1376588188.120.120   Mercury 6600 RPM Limiter 144-1889-55

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Have fun this boating season by changing the obsolete part of your boat. We wish you all happiness and convenience so let us know how we can help you.

Happy sailing!