Why Battery isolator is important to your Boat Battery?

We want to make sure that anything we buy, we can always maximize its worth. This is the reason why we need to be cautious when it comes to buying something. Boat battery for example must be taken care of after purchasing but we must be aware on what are the things we need to know what things to consider in buying a boat battery. Here’s our tip for you boaters. When choosing a battery you must:

1. Determining the Ampere Hour Draw of Your Boat. To determine the ampere you need to know what electrical equipment you have and what the 12-volt amp draw is. For example 12 volt item with 500 gph can draw 2.0 amp, while 1000 gph can draw 2.9 amp.

2. Understanding Battery Ratings. These ratings are designed to help you select the proper battery for your application. For example Ampere Hour Rating (Reference Rating) is the number of amps which a battery can distribute for a 20-hour period. The bigger the ampere hour rating, the more power the battery can deliver over time. Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) is the number of amps a battery can supply at 32 0 cell. Reserve Capacity (RC) is the time, in minutes, for which a battery will deliver 25 amperes at 800 Now that you understand how to select the right boat battery, it is significant as well to get the best battery isolator. Why? Because this battery isolator has the capability to simultaneously charge more than one battery from a single power source (e.g., an alternator) without connecting the battery terminals together in parallel. This is helpful because a weak or dead battery will drain the charge from a strong battery if both are connected directly together. To prevent this happening, it is wise to get battery isolator. For battery isolator that will last, check this ARCO Battery Isolator BI- 0702-4 .F for 30 sec, and preserve at least a voltage of 1.2 volts per F. This represents the time, which the battery will last to operate.

ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0702-4

ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0702-4

• Marine Battery Isolator, BI-0702-4

• 1 Alternator

• 2 Batteries

• 70 Amp. Max

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