Black Friday Sale in Marine Navigation Systems and Boat Accessories

Starting today until December 24 of 2013 we will treat you for a tremendous sale for up to 40% off and also free shipping in items in our marine Navigation System and Boat Accessories. This great news boat lover is because we want to treat you this Black Friday Sale in marine navigation systems and boat accessories is our simple way of thanking you for the past several months as our loyal customer. This marine navigation system will surely help you as the boating season comes. Some of our marine navigation systems that we sale today fall under the category of Fishfinders ,  Tubing , and Fishing.  The boat accessories that are on sale this Black Friday are Wake boarding and Water skiing.

Image       Fishing

Image        Tubing

Image      Wake boarding

Image      Water skiing

Image     Fishfinders

You can click this for the selection of the items. Imagine how much you can save by getting a Fishfinders ? This is a good investment because on this day on, there will never be hard time for you to catch a fish. And what about your water sports that you’ve been planning for? Your Water skiing will be greater having an accessory for this water sport. The Tubing you want to replace will now become true since it is also an item we sale today.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this amazing sale in  Fishing,  Tubing , Wake boarding , Water skiing , Fishfinders and many more. Shop today and start saving! Call us at 855.666.4220 or email us at to know more about this. We are open from Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM central time.

Hope you’re having fun this Black Friday!

The Boaters Best Friend: Marine GPS, Charplotters and fish finders

Having a hard time finding for a right place to catch a fish? Good news! From now on you will never go home without the fish you’re longing for. Now a day’s fish finder, marine GPS and charplotters will help you to find the right place to catch the fish. These “fishing aid” will lead you to the part of the sea, ocean or any open water where fish are abundantly thriving. Garmin, as one of the major supplier of Marine GPS, Charplotters and fish finders create a selection of it. At the moment, Garmin have 2 series selection of Chartplotter which are GPSMAP 6000 and GPSMAP 7000 which will help you to check your boat position by the display electronic charts/maps, enabling the boat owner to continuously monitor the movement of his craft in relation to the surrounding physical environment, both above and below the water. It displays all this data in real time so that a navigator knows exactly where his boat is and where it’s heading, as well as continuously updating its position relative to its surrounding physical environment. Marine GPS and fish finder will tell you the part of the water where fish can be found.


GPSMAP 741xs


echoMAP™ 70s

Where can you buy this product that are brand new and low cost? Check this link of a cool site where you can choose fish finder at a very affordable price. You can also find Transducers, Mounts & Accessories that will help you install your marine GPS, charplotters and fish finders by clicking this link. They also offer Cables and Connectors and Radars at a very affordable price.

What are you waiting for? Go and check them now while supplies last!