What is the Purpose of Boat Transom?

Transom is the exterior forming the stern of a vessel. Transom can take a variety of shapes, usually vertical or curved. Why it is important? It is because outboard motors are usually mounted on the transom and secured using bolts or clamps. Since transom is the significant area where outboard motor is placed, we must choose the best jack plates that we can mount in our transom. Take a peak to our best seller transom jack plates.

CMC Static Setback Jack Plate – there are four variety of static setback plate you can choose from out site. One of these are below, the other you can view by just clicking this link.


9″ Static Setback 90012

  • 9 inch set back static transom plate has 1 1/2 inches of adjustment at the marine transom and 1 inch of adjustment on the motor bracket.
  • You can use this to give a total set-back of 14.5″ when used with the 65201 which is 5.5″ set-back.
  • Made of 6160 T6 extruded aluminum alloy.
  • Rated for V-6 and smaller boat engine applications.

CMC Manual Jack Plate – for manual jack plate, we have 5 selection of this. Two among the five selection are currently on sale. Check it below or click this link for a full selection of manual jack plate.


Manual Jack Plate 65012

  • 5 1/2 inch of setback from the boat transom.
  • Made for V-6 and smaller marine motor applications.
  • 5 inches of vertical adjustment.
  • Easily adjustable from top or bottom.

CMC Hydraulic Jack Plates – Nine different hydraulic jack plates are available that will surely fits to your taste. Check it by clicking this link.


PL-65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 5 1/2″ Set back 65302

  • Power-lift totally waterproof!
  • Marine electric hydraulic system is made of 100% non-ferrous material for corrosion resistance in any water.
  • The hydraulic actuator is completely self-contained with its own fluid reservoir (hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat are not necessary).

Now you have all the options to choose what will you put to your transom. These transom jack plates that we offer are surely the top of the line in the market. For other boat parts that you need, visit our website at www.magemarinestore.com or email us at sales@magemarinestore.com. You can also reach us thru phone at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm central time.