CMC Tilt trim Units Troubleshooting

Hello boaters!

I know how frustrating it is to not being able to know why your tilt trim units is not working properly or why is not turning on..

Before you take your PT-130 to the technician, save a couple hundred bucks take a look at this interesting and helpful Troubleshooting information from CMC made for all the Tilt trim owners.

CMC Marine has a Troubleshooting for Tilt Trim Units that help to eliminate any simple problems that you might have such as:

  • My tilt trim unit doesn’t run to either direction
  • The actuator runs but until does not move up or down
  • It doesn’t run in either direction

Please take a look at this helpful Troubleshooting information for tilt trim units at CMC’s website, CLICK HERE to download the information

If you need parts to repair your tilt trim unit here are 2 places were you can find

them at a very low cost

CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim Accessories

Finding a jack plate and tilt trim unit accessories for your outboard motor? We offer a jack plate accessories  and accessories for tilt trim unit like gauge kit for jack plate, tilt trim gauge, water pressure gauge, transom wedges, top and bottom washer plate, transom clamp adapter, hydraulic actuator or jack plate motor, pontoon boat spacer and more. CMC product from the highest quality materials. But you might be wondering, why do I need a jack plate accessories nor tilt trim unit accessories?

Simply because if your motor sets too low in the water, a jack plate will raise it up and make it run faster and more efficiently. Taking care of your jack plate include taking care of its parts and that is jack plate accessories and tilt trim accessories. You don’t want to throw out the entire jack plate and tilt trim unit if you can change only the part that must be change, right? So the solution is to regularly check if it is working properly and that includes changing the obsolete tilt trim accessories as well as the obsolete accessories for jack plates.

Take a peak on some of our accessories for tilt trim unit and jack plate accessories here at

Image   CMC Gauge Kit for Jack Plates 6077

Image  CMC Top Transom washer plate 20022


CMC Transom Clamp Adapter 13022


 CMC Hydraulic Actuator 7050

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PT-130 electric Hydraulic Tilt Trim Units for outboard motors

Good day boaters! We knew from the very start how useful is the hydraulic tilt trim units, right?  But well, let me refresh your memory how this PT-13002 will help you enjoy your day while boating.  Aside from the fact that this tilt trim unit 13002 is easy to install, this  tilt trim units for outboard motors can be easily be adjusted from top to bottom. Did you also know that CMC tilt trim units for outboard motor includes up-down toggle switch? Tilt trim units for outboard motors has all the necessary electrical components or mounting hardware are included and tilt trim units for up to 130 hp motors. Tilt trim unit 13002 will fit on virtually any type of boat and motor. This CMC tilt trim units for outboard motors provides 6″ setback which enhances Boat Stability and enables the prop to get a better “bite” at a higher prop setting. Below are some valuable information about tilt trim units for outboard motors


Hydraulic System Features:

  • Totally waterproof!
  • Marine electric hydraulic system is made of 100% non-ferrous material for corrosion resistance in any water.
  • Hydraulic actuator is completely self contained with its own fluid reservoir.
  • Hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat are not necessary.
  • 40% more lifting capacity than any other transom tilt trim units on the market.
  • Quality control guaranteed by computer aided design and precision machining.
  • Electric Hydraulic Actuator Rated at 7853 pounds of THRUST!

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Parts for CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim Units

Several instances you probably encounter that your tilt and trim unit is not working properly. The tilt and trim system is an electro-hydraulic system. There are two different sub-systems: the electrical and the hydraulic. Diagnosis of problems in the electrical system is fairly straightforward. There is a source of power (the battery), controls (the trim switches and the relays they operate), and the actuator (the electric motor). With a basic knowledge of electricity you can easily investigate and repair problems in this electrical system. The hydraulic system is more complicated. There is a source of pressure (the hydraulic pump), a system of valves to distribute the pressure, and as many as three actuators. As a common rule, most all hydraulic systems depend on the proper operation of a series of one-way valves or check valves in order to maintain the hydraulic force after the actuator has been stopped. And, of course, the hydraulic system requires a completely sealed system which prevents any loss of fluid or pressure.

Just in case you find part of your tilt and trim unit not working properly, it is wise to look for the part of tilt and trim unit that is defective rather than replacing the entire unit. Here at where you can conveniently look for cmc tilt and trim unit parts offer these parts at the very affordable price. Tilt and trim unit parts we offer are below.

Starboard Side Motor Rail 52020

Starboard Side Transom Rail 52040

Top Clevis Bracket 52050

Bottom Clevis Bracket 52060

Serial Number Tag 52130

1/4″ – 20 x 1/2″ flat head cap screw 18-8 s.s 52070

1/8″ – 1/2 x 1″ Natural Nylon Flat Washer 52120

1/2″ – 13 Two Way Self locking Hex nut 18-8 S.S. cad Plated 7080

PT-35 Warning Sticker 52140

Watch Your Hands Warning Label 51222

Tilt & Trim Decal 52202

1/4 – 20 X 3/16″ Hex Socket Cup Oint Set Screw 18-8S.S 6083

Toggle Switch Plate 51380

PT-35 Owner’s Manual 52160

Aluminum Bronze Roller 6103

Trim Gauge 51127

12V 40A Relay 7122

Port Side Motor Rail 52010

Port Side Transom Rail CMC 52030

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The Best Accessories for your Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Unit

Important thing must be taken care off, agree? That is something that is applicable for everything including to our boat’s Jack Plate. Valuing something will lead us to look some way to enhance and to accessorize it. But it is also wiser to look for an accessory that is essential but affordable.

Good thing that you don’t need to look hard enough and browse your net. We offer at the accessories for your CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim. These accessories will not just enhance your boat’s Jack Plate and Tilt Trim but also will help you in your sailing. Take a look on our CMC Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Accessories.

CMC Gauge Kit for Jack Plates 6077

CMC Tilt Trim Gauge Conversion Kit 51207

CMC Water Pressure Gauge 20320

CMC Transom Wedges / Set back Spacers 20122

CMC Top Transom washer plate 20022

CMC Bottom Transom Washer Plate 20032

CMC Transom Clamp Adapter 13022

CMC Hydraulic Actuator 7050

CMC Pontoon Boat Transom Spacer 13032

CMC Trim Button Switch for existing tilt trim unit 20220

CMC Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Wiring Harness 7014F-7123-7124

CMC 80-AMP Relay 7493

CMC 8″ Hydraulic Actuator 7245

Wire Assembly CMC 7014G

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