Why is important the Hydraulic Actuator in the Jack Plate?

A manual or hydraulic jack plate permit the prop to run in cleaner water as to allow a higher engine height which lead to faster top ends speeds and shallow water running. Why? Because a Jack Plate can benefit the performance of any boat by getting the motor height exactly right and allow you to make adjustments based on current conditions. A jack plate with hydraulic actuator allows you to lower the unit while in the water resulting in reduced drag. This is the reason why hydraulic actuator is important in the jack plate.

In the www.magemarinestore.com we simply offer the best hydraulic actuator that you must have. Out top of the line is CMC 7050. Did you know that CMC Hydraulic Actuator for hydraulic jack plates, PT-130 and PT-35 tilt trim units has been in production for the past 12 years? CMC Hydraulic Actuators for boat transom are completely self-contained with their own fluid reservoir. These CMC 7050 incorporate the pump, motor, reservoir and cylinder all in the same body. CMC Hydraulic Actuator reduces the need for multiple hydraulic components such as hoses, pumps and cylinders. Also, Hydraulic Actuator 7050 comes with a 6′ cord set that plugs into the wire assembly. It will be already sealed, full of fluid and tested!

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