OMC Stator Replacement

By definition, the stator can act as the field magnet, interacting with the armature to create motion, or it may act as the armature, receiving its influence from moving field coils on the rotor. The stator is the device that generates power, thus, producing alternating current or AC. And so, without a stator power will not be generated which means the motor will not work. And this is awfully bad for us boat lover.

Here come the boating season and we cannot go sailing or boating or fishing all because the stator fails to work. Are we going to allow this thing to happen. A big no! So for now, we need to check carefully our stator and if we find that it is no longer working properly, replacement is necessary.

Good thing http://www.magemarinestore offers a wide variety of stator replacement. For today, we will be featuring stator replacement for OMC. Take a peak on the following stator below.


OMC Ignition 5-6-9 AMP Stators


OMC Ignition Screw Terminal Type Stators


OMC Optical Ignition Stators

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OMC Stator – 35 AMP


For each category you can find more of the stator that suits your OMC stator. Remember that Replacement Ignition Stators for OMC Johnson/Evinrude are designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. Above are OMC ignition screw terminal type stators, 5 AMP 2 cylinder stator battery charging coils, 5,7 & 9 AMP ignition stators, OMC optical ignition stators and 35 AMP stators. So start checking your stator and replace the obsolete one.

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Water sports 2: Have fun while staying fit!

Tired of riding on the boat? Or you probably feel bored as you swim back and forth. Wondering what else can you do in the water aside from these typical water activity? Try water sports! This can be more fun that you expect. You can stay fit and at the same time enjoy. Consider the following water sports :


Parasailing where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a parachute



Sit-down hydrofoiling is riding on the water with a hydrofoil attached to a ski


Yachting sailing on yachts, daysailing, cruising or Yacht racing


Fishing is the recreation and sport of catching fish


You see, this could be more fun than what you expected! Did you know that according to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports physical activities such as sports experience positive health benefits, including decreased risks of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Imagine how great this water sports can give you! And for a non-stop fun you need to make your boat be always on the go. Check our different water sports materials by clicking here .

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We hope you will enjoy your next holiday by trying any of this water sports activity.


Best Places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS

Do you have any plan where to spend the 4th of July? I am so excited and not much decided which among this 3 great places to choose, Port Aransas, South Padre Island, and Canyon Lake. You might be wondering what the things you can do in this place are and what the place looks like is.

As I browse the net I found out these 3 great places in Texas. First, the Port Aransas. I found the picture as this place cool information in here and I am a little bit thrilled so when I found out that this place provides a great family vacation opportunity because you and your family can experience  finest fishing in South Texas. Port Aransas is located on the Northern Tip of Mustang Island, and approximately 30 minutes from Corpus Christi.  You can easily get there via land or private airport service and you will be surprise because of so many hotels and condos you can choose from and plenty to see and do. Whether you are a fishermen or potential vacationer this place surely offer one of the Best Places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


Another one is South Padre Island. It is the place where you can find large schools of mature reds that can be seen throughout the bay. These schools of mature reds are moving along the channels and grass lines heading south towards the jetties. There are times they will stop and meander to eat along the way and this offers the most exciting opportunities to quickly limit out on the most enjoyable game fish to catch. Also, this is the time the South Padre cooling water temperatures make the trout and snook more active and easier to find. Fall is also the time when the winds pick up and more areas can be covered while drift fishing. It also helps stir up the waters and makes fish feed more actively. You can also enjoy dolphin watching, eco-tour, Fire work and Sunset cruises and a whole lot more activities. Do you want to know where I found this cool information? Look some pictures and great information here you will never regret spending your 4th of July in here and you can truly say that it is another best places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


Lastly is the Canyon Lake. Want more than boating activities?  Right below the Canyon Dam off FM 306, you can go tubing down the Guadalupe River.  Several river outfitters are located along the highway. Well if you want to know how to get in there just check more cool information in here for a fast access on their site. Looking for a River Tubing Outfitter? This is the place for you because Canyon Lake is known Where Water Sports Are King! You will never regret spending your day here for this is one of the best places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


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