OMC Connectors and Tools

Have you tried using a key to a different padlock? Do you succeed in opening the padlock using different key? Hard isn’t? In the end, you find how foolish you are using a key to a padlock which is not suited for it.

This is exactly what we want to tell you. Anything that is not match we never work. Like for example your boat parts and its accessories. If a boat part is damaged or should be replaced, then it is wise to look for an appropriate part that will replace to your old part. So for your OMC connector and tools, we can offer a wide array of it that is suited to your OMC Johnson/Evinrude type of OMC (Johnson/Evinrude) motor. These are designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. Select item number 992-9703 electrical connector, 553-2697 electrical insertion, 553-2582, 553-2699, 553-2700, 912-9708 and more. Our OMC connector and tools are 100% brand new and in perfect conditioned. This OMC tool and accessories are from the best manufacturer, so you can guarantee that it was tested before they distributed it to market. The manufacturer of our OMC connectors and tools, use nothing but the best quality material so that you can use your connectors and tools more than the period that you were expecting.

Take a peak on some of our connectors and tools below.


OMC Replacement Electrical Amphenol Tool Set #553-2700 


OMC Electrical Connector 992-9703


OMC Electrical Female Amphenol Terminals 973-1656


OMC Electrical Insertion Tool 553-2697


We just hope that you have already found what connectors and tools that you need. But in any case that you didn’t, you can shoot us at or call us at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday. From 8am to 5pm central time. We will wait for your call.


Happy boating season!



About proboatparts is a website that have been in business for 7 years selling boat parts. With us you will find many products such as jack plate, outboard motor parts, wake board towers, tilt trim units, manifolds, electric parts, and many other boat parts. We have the best specials in our prices! Our staff speaks English or Spanish for your convenience, so we are available from 8:00 am through 7:00 pm central time to answer you any question.

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