Why Battery isolator is important to your Boat Battery?

We want to make sure that anything we buy, we can always maximize its worth. This is the reason why we need to be cautious when it comes to buying something. Boat battery for example must be taken care of after purchasing but we must be aware on what are the things we need to know what things to consider in buying boat battery. Here’s our tip for you boaters. When choosing a battery you must:

1. Determining the Ampere Hour Draw of Your Boat. To determine the ampere you need to know what electrical equipment you have and what the 12-volt amp draw is. For example 12 volt item with 500 gph can draw 2.0 amp, while 1000 gph can draw 2.9 amp.

2. Understanding Battery Ratings. These ratings are designed to help you select the proper battery for your application. For example Ampere Hour Rating (Reference Rating) is the number of amps which a battery can distribute for a 20-hour period. The bigger the ampere hour rating, the more power the battery can deliver over time. Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) is the number of amps a battery can supply at 32 0 cell. Reserve Capacity (RC) is the time, in minutes, for which a battery will deliver 25 amperes at 800

Now that you understand how to select the right boat battery, it is significant as well to get the best battery isolator. Why? Because this battery isolator has the capability to simultaneously charge more than one battery from a single power source (e.g., an alternator) without connecting the battery terminals together in parallel. This is helpful because a weak or dead battery will drain the charge from a strong battery if both are connected directly together. To prevent this happening, it is wise to get battery isolator. For battery isolator that will last, check this ARCO Battery Isolator BI- 0702-4 F. This represents the time which the battery will last to operate.

ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0703

ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0702-4

  • Marine Battery Isolator, BI-0702-4
  • To know what the other are replaces part number, click here.

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OMC Engine Wiring Harness

An engine wiring harness is a string of cables or wires which transmit power or energy to various sections of the engine. It carries power back and forth between the fuse box, the engine and any other electrical components located under the hood of the car. The wiring harness reduces the risk of an electrical short. http://www.ask.com/question/what-is-an-engine-wiring-harness

It is clear then how important this engine wiring harnesses. We are proud to inform you our dear boaters that we have the best engine wiring harnesses manufacturer, the CDI Electronics.

ALL CDI engine harnesses are custom made, high temperature, burn-proof wire for more current capacity and flexibility. Designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. We can offer you two of the best options of engine wiring harnesses. Check our wiring harnesses below.


OMC Flat plug Internal Engine Harnesses


OMC Round Plug Boat-Side Harnesses

Replace your obsolete item for your convenience. If you are not sure what part you need, simply email us the serial number, model number, year, horsepower and type of your outboard motor at sales@magemarinestore.com. Or call us at 855.666.4220, we are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. Looking forward for your call and email.

OMC Stator Replacement

By definition, the stator can act as the field magnet, interacting with the armature to create motion, or it may act as the armature, receiving its influence from moving field coils on the rotor. The stator is the device that generates power, thus, producing alternating current or AC. And so, without a stator power will not be generated which means the motor will not work. And this is awfully bad for us boat lover.

Here come the boating season and we cannot go sailing or boating or fishing all because the stator fails to work. Are we going to allow this thing to happen. A big no! So for now, we need to check carefully our stator and if we find that it is no longer working properly, replacement is necessary.

Good thing http://www.magemarinestore offers a wide variety of stator replacement. For today, we will be featuring stator replacement for OMC. Take a peak on the following stator below.


OMC Ignition 5-6-9 AMP Stators


OMC Ignition Screw Terminal Type Stators


OMC Optical Ignition Stators

yhst-83271529006897_2269_36112858 (1)__43593

OMC Stator – 35 AMP


For each category you can find more of the stator that suits your OMC stator. Remember that Replacement Ignition Stators for OMC Johnson/Evinrude are designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. Above are OMC ignition screw terminal type stators, 5 AMP 2 cylinder stator battery charging coils, 5,7 & 9 AMP ignition stators, OMC optical ignition stators and 35 AMP stators. So start checking your stator and replace the obsolete one.

For any questions or inquiry, email us at sales@magemarinestore.com or call us at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time.  We will be glad to answer your inquiry about the stator of your boat.

OMC Connectors and Tools

Have you tried using a key to a different padlock? Do you succeed in opening the padlock using different key? Hard isn’t? In the end, you find how foolish you are using a key to a padlock which is not suited for it.

This is exactly what we want to tell you. Anything that is not match we never work. Like for example your boat parts and its accessories. If a boat part is damaged or should be replaced, then it is wise to look for an appropriate part that will replace to your old part. So for your OMC connector and tools, we can offer a wide array of it that is suited to your OMC Johnson/Evinrude type of OMC (Johnson/Evinrude) motor. These are designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. Select item number 992-9703 electrical connector, 553-2697 electrical insertion, 553-2582, 553-2699, 553-2700, 912-9708 and more. Our OMC connector and tools are 100% brand new and in perfect conditioned. This OMC tool and accessories are from the best manufacturer, so you can guarantee that it was tested before they distributed it to market. The manufacturer of our OMC connectors and tools, use nothing but the best quality material so that you can use your connectors and tools more than the period that you were expecting.

Take a peak on some of our connectors and tools below.


OMC Replacement Electrical Amphenol Tool Set #553-2700 


OMC Electrical Connector 992-9703


OMC Electrical Female Amphenol Terminals 973-1656


OMC Electrical Insertion Tool 553-2697


We just hope that you have already found what connectors and tools that you need. But in any case that you didn’t, you can shoot us at sales@magemarinestore.com or call us at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday. From 8am to 5pm central time. We will wait for your call.


Happy boating season!



Meter Accessories and Spark Tester

Meter accessories and spark tester are a must to have in our boat. Why? With this spark tester, you can diagnose if the ignition system of your boat is working or not. This spark tester is very important to have since we can check if there are appropriate charge in spark plug in order to start the engine. Spark tester goes hand in hand with other meter accessories that are found below.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125298646__42061.1376588174.120.120 Multimeter Ampmeter Adapter 511-9772 a device that you can use to measure several key details of an electric circuit.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125313610__93424.1376588177.120.120  Multimeter Breakout Box 511-9756 Use to replace ignition coil for testing DVA output from ignition pack if a bad coil is suspected.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125343433__74939.1376588182.120.120  Multimeter Pack Load Resistor 511-9775  Use to replace ignition coil for testing DVA output from ignition pack if a bad coil is suspected.

yhst-83271529006897_2269_125354889__87698.1376588245.120.120   Multimeter Remote DVA Test Harness 511-9776 Designed for use with 1978-2000 Mercury outboard motors with separate packs and ignition coils, Johnson/Evinrude 1973-2006 and Yamaha engines. When connected to the ignition coils, the 15 foot harness allows you to connect a DVA Adapter/Meter to coils and switch cylinders while the engine is ranking is cranking, idling or running at wide open throttle. Can also be used to check trigger and stator voltages on some engines.

There’s more meter accessories and spark tester you can find here. For the availability and stock, please call us at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. You can also reach us through email at sales@magemarinestore.com. We will try to address all your query as soon as we can.

Happy sailing everyone!

How to know when Voltage Regulator is not working anymore?-

Voltage regulator as we knew is a device that controls the amount of voltage that passes through the motor. It is important is electrical device since voltage regulator is the one that stabilize the DC or direct current to our electrical device. If our voltage regulator malfunction, chances are, inefficiency of electrical device like motor will be experienced. So, how we can identify if the voltage regulator is not working anymore?

“Some of the signs of a bad voltage regulator are dimmed or pulsing lights, dead battery, and unpredictable engine performance. It is also stated that engine stalling, sputtering, and intermittent acceleration will occur when the vehicle’s voltage regulator is unable to handle the power that is put out by the vehicle’s stock alternator. A bad voltage regulator can rapidly diminish the alternator’s ability to cycle power from the battery as well.” http://www.ask.com/question/signs-of-a-bad-voltage-regulator and when we experience all these signs the best thing to do is to change your voltage regulator



ARCO Voltage Regulator Plastic case VR095

  • Late Model S.E.V. MARCHAL
  • Replaces VOLVO PENTA 841688-5
  • Plastic case
  • 12 Volt



ARCO Voltage Regulator VR352

  • Prestolite Marine
  • Replaces O.M.C. 384538
  • 12 Volt


ARCO Voltage Regulator VR404

  • Prestolite Marine
  • Replaces O.M.C. 383440
  • 12 Volt


There’s more that you can find by clicking this link. For more boat parts, you can call us at 855.666.4220 or email your concern at sales@magemarinestore.com. Happy boating everyone!

Tilt Trim Repair Parts

There’s always a great deal of issue if a part of our boat is not working properly. Now, what we want to know is whether we will replace the entire part or a solution where we can replace only a specific part of it. Having the latter scenario would be great since this means less expenses, right? Now, where and how do we know that we are looking for the right part and where to get the replacement of it.

Good news boater.  If you find that your tilt trim is not working properly, then this is the best time to get a replacement of your tilt trim. We have a huge selection of tilt trim repair parts that you can choose from based on the model of your boat. Also, in our website, http://www.magemarinestore.com you will surely be guided on what tilt trim repair parts you need because we also posted an application guide in choosing the tilt trim repair units. Below are some of the tilt trim repair parts.


ARCO Tilt Trim Repair Part TR204

  • Tilt Trim Motor for OMC
  • Repair Kit for Arco 6204



ARCO Tilt Trim Repair Part TR206

  • Tilt Trim Motor for OMC
  • Repair Kit for Arco 6206



ARCO Tilt Trim Repair Part TR209

  • Marine Tilt Trim Motor, TR209
  • Tilt Trim Repair Kit



ARCO Tilt Trim Repair Part TR218

  • Tilt Trim Motor Repair Part for MERCRUISER
  • Brush Kit for Arco 6218


There’s more tilt trim repair parts to see. Just click this link and you will surely find the tilt trim repair parts that you need. If you want to know whether it is available or not, call us at 855.666.4220 or email us at sales@magemarinestore.com for any questions about boat parts. Hope that you will spend this boating season in a more fun and enjoyable moments.

Happy sailing our dear boaters!

Tilt Trim Motors

Did you know that Power Tilt and Trim units are electro-hydraulic mechanisms driven by a motor-driven gear pump as a source of providing hydraulic pressure? The angle of the outboard machine is actively changed by trim function, and an efficient running is secured. Tilt function is useful for the protection of the outboard engine. Moreover, the hull and the outboard engine is prevented being damaged by Shock absorbing function (https://www.showa1.com/en/product/boat/power_tilt_trim.html). This is the reason why we need to choose the right tilt trim motor for our boat. Tilt trim motor will enable us to either speed up or slow down our boat depending on our tilt trim performance.

With this we only suggest the best tilt trim motor to ensure the safety of your boat. Check on the following tilt trim motor below.


ARCO HONDA Tilt Trim Motor 6239

  •          HEAVY-DUTY
  •          Tilt trim motor for HONDA
  •          1992-Up
  •          35-50 HP
  •          2-wire connection
  •          Includes O-ring
  •          4 bolt mount
  •          Hollow-hex shaft
  •          Female Spade Terminal Ends


ARCO Johnson/Evinrude (OMC) Tilt Trim Motor 6244

  •          HEAVY-DUTY
  •          Tilt trim motor for O.M. C.
  •          1993 V6
  •          1993 – UP commercial V8
  •          Replaces: OMC 435548
  •          2-wire connection
  •          Flat-blade shaft
  •          3 bolt mount
  •          Female Spade Terminal Ends
  •          Johnson/Evinrude Outboard Model & Year:

o   50/60 HP TTL, 1997-1998

o   90/100/115 HP, 1994-1998

o   100 HP COMMERCIAL, 1997

o   250/300 HP, 1994-1998



ARCO Mercruiser Tilt Trim Motor 6270

  •          Tilt trim motor for Late model Mercruiser outboard
  •          225-227 HP, using oil dyne pump
  •          Complete unit for Mercury outboards
  •          Replaces: Mercury #92459A4, #823653A5, #823653A9, #92459A3 and 92459A8
  •          Mercruiser Model & Year:

o   150 HP V6, 978-1986, 4868998-UP Oildyne

o   175 HP V6, 1976-1988, 4301235-UP Oildyne

o   200 HP V6, 1978-1988, 4839034-UP

o   225 HP V6, 1980-UP, 5628028-UP

o   250/275HP V6, 1989*UP

o   3.4 L, 1980-UP



ARCO Mercruiser Tilt Trim Motor 6275

  •          O.E.M. (COMPLETE)
  •          Tilt trim motor for Late-model Mercruiser with Oildyne pump
  •          Replaces: Mercruiser 14336A8, 14336A6, A11, A15, 14336A9, A17, A20, 88183A12, 88183A5, 88183A6
  •          Ring Terminal Ends

There are more options that you can choose from by clicking this link. You can also check other boat parts in our website www.magemarinestore.com or call us at 855.666.4220. Send us your questions through email at sales@magemarinestore.com for any query about boat parts.

Sure, we are, that this boating season would be more meaningful, fun and exciting if we simply prepare ourselves and our boat as we go out in the water.

Happy sailing everyone!