What are the different types of Solenoid

We understand that solenoid comes in different types. Our store www.magemarinestore.com offers variety of solenoid that suits your boat at the most affordable price.  Some types of solenoid are:

  • Ground base solenoid where one end where the coil is grounded to the mounting base. This type solenoid must mount on a grounded surface or a ground must be attached to the base while Insulated base solenoid have both ends of the coil that insulated.
  • Solenoid equipped with relay terminal is a type of solenoid which is normally used for starting motors. Since conventional ignition coils operate on 7 volts, the relay terminal supplies 12 volts to the ignition coil during starting for easier starts.
  • Continuous duty solenoids are wound with very fine wire and draw very little amperage. The contacts in continuous duty solenoids will usually have a lower amperage rating than that of the intermittent duty type.

Below is sample solenoid we have in our store which are very affordable in price.


ARCO Solenoid SW865

  • Isolated ground
  • 12 Volt
  • 1000 amp
  • Parallel/solenoid


ARCO Solenoid SW926

  • Solenoid for 75 HP – V200 HP Mercury OUTBOARDS
  • Choke solenoid
  • Replaces: Mercury 54293A10


ARCO Solenoid SW925

  • Solenoid for MERCURY OUTBOARDS
  • Choke solenoid
  • Replaces: Mercury 54293A11
  • Use existing plunger, or contact a Mercury dealer for new plunger.

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What is the significance of Solenoid to your Boat?

A solenoid creates a controlled magnetic field when an electrical current is passed through it. Solenoid is a tube-shaped coil of wire acting as a magnet when carrying electric current. It has a core material known as ferromagnetic that produce a uniform magnetic field in a volume of space.

The force in a solenoid valve is the solenoid coil, which converts electrical energy into magnetic energy that is used to modulate the valve. A solenoid valve has an inlet pipe that transports the gas or liquid into the solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is deactivated, the force of the spring pushes the stopper back into place against the inlet pipe. An even more powerful solenoid uses hydraulics as its basis of power.  When the solenoid has released all of its energy, the hydraulic fluid drains out of the chamber and the piston is drawn back to its original position.  So you see, our boat can never do this well without the solenoid.

But of course, we must not just buy any solenoid.  We need to know what the compatible for our boat is whether it is mercruiser, Yamaha, Delco, Mercury or the like. That’s why in www.magemarinestore.com we offer variety of solenoid. Take a peak on some of it below.


ARCO Solenoid SW984

  • Solenoid for Delco boat engine
  • Metric Solenoid
  • 12 volt
  • VOLVO PENTA Starter:






ARCO Solenoid SW981

  • Solenoid for MERCURY boat engine
  • Mercury 65057A1, 65057, 65057T1
  • Grounded base
  • 12 volt
  • Mercruiser Starter:







ARCO Solenoid SW975

  • Solenoid for CHRYSLER boat engine
  • Grounded base 12 Volt
  • Replaces: Chrysler 177917

Now what are you waiting for. Check your solenoid and see if it is working properly. Or better yet, call us at 855.666.4220 to know what the solenoid fits for your boat. You can also reach us through email at sales@magemarinestore.com.  We will make sure that you will enjoy your ride to your boat by giving you advise and tip. Until on our next blog. Have a safe sailing!