Solenoid types and circuits

Many of the remote mount solenoids look identical on the outside. However, they can be very different on the inside. Beside the different internal circuits, these can be rated for continuous duty or intermittent duty use.

Continuous duty solenoids are wound with very fine wire and draw very little amperage. The contacts in continuous duty solenoids will usually have a lower amperage rating than that of the intermittent duty type. These are normally used as tilt trim relays. This type of solenoid can also be used for a variety of applications where a remote relay is needed to power a motor or other device.

Intermittent duty solenoids are wound with much heavier wire and draw more amperage. The contacts have a very high amperage rating. If these stay energized for extended periods of time they heat up and eventually burn out the coil inside the solenoid. This type of solenoid is normally used as a starter motor relay.

The Ground base solenoid has one end where the coil is grounded to the mounting base. This type solenoid must mount on a grounded surface or a ground must be attached to the base

Insulated base solenoid has both ends of the coil that insulated. A separate ground must be connected and this type of solenoid can be mounted on any surface.

Solenoid equipped with relay terminal is a type of solenoid, which is normally used for starting motors. Since conventional ignition coils operate on 7 volts, the relay terminal supplies 12 volts to the ignition coil during starting for easier starts. The base of this solenoid must be grounded.

To see more information about the different solenoids HERE. You can also find very important information about some simple solenoid testing just click this.

We understand that solenoid comes in different types. Our store offers variety of solenoid that suits your boat at the most affordable price. Below are some of our solenoid.


ARCO Solenoid SW054

  • Solenoid for MERCRUISER and MERCURY boat engine
  • Replaces: Mercury 89-96054
  • Isolated base
  • 12 Volt


ARCO Solenoid SW064

  • Solenoid for MERCURY boat engine.
  • MERCURY Starter:
    • 5380
  • Replaces: Mercury 89-818864
  • Isolated base 12 Volt
  • White housing

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Why Battery isolator is important to your Boat Battery?

We want to make sure that anything we buy, we can always maximize its worth. This is the reason why we need to be cautious when it comes to buying something. Boat battery for example must be taken care of after purchasing but we must be aware on what are the things we need to know what things to consider in buying boat battery. Here’s our tip for you boaters.

When choosing a battery you must:

  1. Determining the Ampere Hour Draw of Your Boat. To determine the ampere you need to know what electrical equipment you have and what the 12-volt amp draw is. For example 12 volt item with 500 gph can draw 2.0 amp, while 1000 gph can draw 2.9 amp.
  2. Understanding Battery Ratings. These ratings are designed to help you select the proper battery for your application. For example Ampere Hour Rating (Reference Rating) is the number of amps which a battery can distribute for a 20-hour period. The bigger the ampere hour rating, the more power the battery can deliver over time. Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) is the number of amps a battery can supply at 32 0 F for 30 sec, and preserve at least a voltage of 1.2 volts per cell. Reserve Capacity (RC) is the time, in minutes, for which a battery will deliver 25 amperes at 800  F. This represents the time which the battery will last to operate.

Now that you understand how to select the right boat battery, it is significant as well to get the best battery isolator. Why? Because this battery isolator has the capability to simultaneously charge more than one battery from a single power source (e.g., an alternator) without connecting the battery terminals together in parallel. This is helpful because a weak or dead battery will drain the charge from a strong battery if both are connected directly together. To prevent this happening, it is wise to get battery isolator. For battery isolator that will last, check this ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0702-4


ARCO Battery Isolator BI-0702-4

  • Marine Battery Isolator, BI-0702-4
  • 1 Alternator
  • 2 Batteries
  • 70 Amp. Max

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The PL 65 Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201

Boat racing is one of the most heart-thrilled sports in water. It will boost your adrenalin and feel the excitement as you steer your racing boat to its maximum speed and see how you can surpass all other racer. But racing just like any other sports must take various consideration in order for you to win. And one thing is to have the best racing jack plate. Jack Plate is a mounting device for an outboard motor that enables operators to vertically raise or lower the motor.  Therefore, with the use of a racing jack plate there is a bigger chance for you to win the race since you can easily raise or lower your boat motor thus maximizing its speed potential without risking the boat motor in to damage.

It is our pride to recommend one of our finest racing jack plate at and that is the PL 65 Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201. This PL 65201 has a unique outboard motor hydraulic lifting device that works independently of your power trim and tilt to allow you to adjust your motor down while underway for better out-of-hole shots or up for more top-end speed and more prop clearance in shallow water. PL 65 Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate will lift 300 HP V8’s outboard motor and racing applications and made of tough, 1/2″ aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners. PL 65Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201 is designed to fit standard B.I.A. bolt pattern without drill holes or making modifications in the boat or motor and is ideal for fresh or salt water use. No welds or castings to break. It gives more lifting capacity (7853 pounds of thrust) than any other jack plate on the market and includes with position indicator standard. When you buy to us the PL 65 Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201 all the necessary mounting hardware’s are included.


PL 65 Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201

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What You Need to Know About Voltage Regulators

A voltage regulator generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions. A switching regulator converts the dc input voltage to a switched voltage applied to a power. Higher switching frequencies mean the voltage regulator can use smaller inductors and capacitors. It also means higher switching losses and greater noise in the circuit. This is the reason why boater like us must be choosy on the type of voltage regulator must be properly chosen.

At we provide variety of voltage regulators that you can choose from. Check some of the top of the line voltage regulators are below.


ARCO Voltage Regulator VR095

  • Late Model S.E.V. MARCHAL
  • Replaces VOLVO PENTA 841688-5
  • Plastic case
  • 2 Volt


ARCO Voltage Regulator VR352

  • Prestolite Marine
  • Replaces O.M.C. 384538
  • 12 Volt




ARCO Voltage Regulator VR405

  • Voltage Regulator for Crusader, Palmer, Universal, Etc.
  • Replaces Chrysler 2847527
  • Prestolite Marine
  • 12 Volt

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