Best Places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS

Do you have any plan where to spend the 4th of July? I am so excited and not much decided which among this 3 great places to choose, Port Aransas, South Padre Island, and Canyon Lake. You might be wondering what the things you can do in this place are and what the place looks like is.

As I browse the net I found out these 3 great places in Texas. First, the Port Aransas. I found the picture as this place cool information in here and I am a little bit thrilled so when I found out that this place provides a great family vacation opportunity because you and your family can experience  finest fishing in South Texas. Port Aransas is located on the Northern Tip of Mustang Island, and approximately 30 minutes from Corpus Christi.  You can easily get there via land or private airport service and you will be surprise because of so many hotels and condos you can choose from and plenty to see and do. Whether you are a fishermen or potential vacationer this place surely offer one of the Best Places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


Another one is South Padre Island. It is the place where you can find large schools of mature reds that can be seen throughout the bay. These schools of mature reds are moving along the channels and grass lines heading south towards the jetties. There are times they will stop and meander to eat along the way and this offers the most exciting opportunities to quickly limit out on the most enjoyable game fish to catch. Also, this is the time the South Padre cooling water temperatures make the trout and snook more active and easier to find. Fall is also the time when the winds pick up and more areas can be covered while drift fishing. It also helps stir up the waters and makes fish feed more actively. You can also enjoy dolphin watching, eco-tour, Fire work and Sunset cruises and a whole lot more activities. Do you want to know where I found this cool information? Look some pictures and great information here you will never regret spending your 4th of July in here and you can truly say that it is another best places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


Lastly is the Canyon Lake. Want more than boating activities?  Right below the Canyon Dam off FM 306, you can go tubing down the Guadalupe River.  Several river outfitters are located along the highway. Well if you want to know how to get in there just check more cool information in here for a fast access on their site. Looking for a River Tubing Outfitter? This is the place for you because Canyon Lake is known Where Water Sports Are King! You will never regret spending your day here for this is one of the best places to go boating on the 4th of July in TEXAS.


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Yamaha Outboard Motors

Have you heard about the Yamaha Outboard Motor V63.3L? If not this is the right time to know this Yamaha outboard motor. When it comes to power and performance, this Yamaha outboard motor V63.3L is mechanically remote-controlled four strokes V6 Outboard. This Outboard Motor from Yamaha has a precision multi-point injection and has 6 independent fuel injectors. Yamaha V63.3L have 4 large radius valves per cylinder with TCI Microcomputer and electronic single throttle valve which you can rely and very durable. This Outboard Motor from Yamaha has a direct ignition and water separator. Also, it has a magnetic drain plug and dual water intake gear.

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Outboard Motor Parts Search by CDi Electronics

Are you looking for an Outboard Motor Parts and yet not sure what part number it is? Good news! There is a portion you can find in this link where Outboard Motor Parts Search by CDI Electronics. No need for you to wait for long time by phone. All you need to do is to type in the needed information like manufacturers, the year of your boat, horse power and the part you’re looking for then it will automatically lead you to the part you’re looking for. Isn’t great. Just a click of your finger, you can search for an Outboard Motor Parts CDI Electronics.

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Very important information about CDI Electronics Parts Warranty and Coverage

How will you feel after a week or month the boat part you purchased is not working again? Of course, we will be upset right? The next thing you will do is to contact the supplier and report that your purchased item is not working properly.

You will be glad and happy to know that products like CDI Electronics is cover with warranty. You read it right! For more than 30 years, CDI Electronics has engineered and manufactured top quality marine ignition products. Like CDI, we are committed to deliver the best marine ignition system. It only means that CDI Electronics has Parts Warranty and Cover. You can call 1-866-423-4832 for a quick assistance to assist you with troubleshooting the ignition system. CDI’s limited warranty covers defects in material for a period of 2 years starting from the purchase date. The CDI Warranty shall apply according to the type of product purchased. Below is the warranty length:

CDI Electronics Ignition Modules & Stators: 2 Years

All other CDI Electronics Products: 1 Year

Premier Repair Products (Part Number with R Prefix): 90 Days

Distributed Items (Fluke, Stevens, GTX): Per Manufacturer

If possible, please provide an original invoice for your warranty claim.  In the absence of an original invoice, CDI Electronics will use the manufacturing date to determine warranty eligibility.

We are 100% guaranteed distributor of CDI Electronics Product. To view the complete list of our CDI product, click here. Feel free to send us your feedback or questions at or call 855.666.4220 for more information.

The best option for starting and charging parts for marine engines

Hello there boaters! When was the last time when you change parts for your marine engines? Do you know that you can cut your expenses in buying Arco marine when you starting and charging parts for your marine engine? Why? It is because Arco Marine is a supplier of new and remanufactured electrical products for the starting and charging of marine engines. All the new and remanufactures units are assembled under the strictest quality control standards. Every Arco Unit is tested on the assembly line to ensure original equipment quality.  And guess what? Arco have latest addition to their family of Marine engines. Want to know what it is? Check it out here. Have you seen the selection of their Arco Marine engine products? Their website is so great that you can almost tell what you need. Arco Marine product can be used to Yamaha, Volvo Penta, Yanmar and a whole lot more. This starting and charging parts for marine engine are most updated and can fit to the latest model of the boat. Just look at the specification of their starting and charging parts for marine engine so that you can be sure if this is the right one for you. The Arco Page will surely help you decide which fits your boat. Also, in their Arco Page you can see the heavy duty product which I’m sure you will be interested.

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CMC Tilt trim Units Troubleshooting

Hello boaters!

I know how frustrating it is to not being able to know why your tilt trim units is not working properly or why is not turning on..

Before you take your PT-130 to the technician, save a couple hundred bucks take a look at this interesting and helpful Troubleshooting information from CMC made for all the Tilt trim owners.

CMC Marine has a Troubleshooting for Tilt Trim Units that help to eliminate any simple problems that you might have such as:

  • My tilt trim unit doesn’t run to either direction
  • The actuator runs but until does not move up or down
  • It doesn’t run in either direction

Please take a look at this helpful Troubleshooting information for tilt trim units at CMC’s website, CLICK HERE to download the information

If you need parts to repair your tilt trim unit here are 2 places were you can find

them at a very low cost

CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim Accessories

Finding a jack plate and tilt trim unit accessories for your outboard motor? We offer a jack plate accessories  and accessories for tilt trim unit like gauge kit for jack plate, tilt trim gauge, water pressure gauge, transom wedges, top and bottom washer plate, transom clamp adapter, hydraulic actuator or jack plate motor, pontoon boat spacer and more. CMC product from the highest quality materials. But you might be wondering, why do I need a jack plate accessories nor tilt trim unit accessories?

Simply because if your motor sets too low in the water, a jack plate will raise it up and make it run faster and more efficiently. Taking care of your jack plate include taking care of its parts and that is jack plate accessories and tilt trim accessories. You don’t want to throw out the entire jack plate and tilt trim unit if you can change only the part that must be change, right? So the solution is to regularly check if it is working properly and that includes changing the obsolete tilt trim accessories as well as the obsolete accessories for jack plates.

Take a peak on some of our accessories for tilt trim unit and jack plate accessories here at

Image   CMC Gauge Kit for Jack Plates 6077

Image  CMC Top Transom washer plate 20022


CMC Transom Clamp Adapter 13022


 CMC Hydraulic Actuator 7050

There’s more you can find by visiting our store online. For more information, call us at 855.666.4220 or email us at

PT-130 electric Hydraulic Tilt Trim Units for outboard motors

Good day boaters! We knew from the very start how useful is the hydraulic tilt trim units, right?  But well, let me refresh your memory how this PT-13002 will help you enjoy your day while boating.  Aside from the fact that this tilt trim unit 13002 is easy to install, this  tilt trim units for outboard motors can be easily be adjusted from top to bottom. Did you also know that CMC tilt trim units for outboard motor includes up-down toggle switch? Tilt trim units for outboard motors has all the necessary electrical components or mounting hardware are included and tilt trim units for up to 130 hp motors. Tilt trim unit 13002 will fit on virtually any type of boat and motor. This CMC tilt trim units for outboard motors provides 6″ setback which enhances Boat Stability and enables the prop to get a better “bite” at a higher prop setting. Below are some valuable information about tilt trim units for outboard motors


Hydraulic System Features:

  • Totally waterproof!
  • Marine electric hydraulic system is made of 100% non-ferrous material for corrosion resistance in any water.
  • Hydraulic actuator is completely self contained with its own fluid reservoir.
  • Hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat are not necessary.
  • 40% more lifting capacity than any other transom tilt trim units on the market.
  • Quality control guaranteed by computer aided design and precision machining.
  • Electric Hydraulic Actuator Rated at 7853 pounds of THRUST!

For inquiry, email us at or call us at 855.666.4220. We are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. We will look forward for your email and call.

Have fun boating!

Tilt trim motors

Remember that boat parts must be properly be taken care of and must be checked from time to time. We have  Tilt and trim motors for sale which is essential for a boat to run properly must be taken care of all the time. At you can choose your ARCO Tilt Trim Motors replacement for CHRYSLER, O.M.C., MERCURY/FORCE, B.M.W., VOLVO PENTA, GOOD AUTOMATIC WINDLASS and others.

Check out the following tilt trim motors for sale that you can see on our site. Our tilt and trim motos for outboard motor are low in price but guaranteed brand new .


ARCO OMC Tilt Trim Motor 6204


  • Tilt Trim Motor for OMC
  • 982058, 982706
  • Replaces: Prestolite EVD4002
  • 3-wire connection
  • Repair Kit: TR204


ARCO OMC Tilt Trim Motor 6206


  • Tilt Trim Motor for OMC
  • 387277, 387288, 582048, 582155
  • Replaces: Prestolite EVC4002
  • 3-wire connection
  • 3 bolt mount


ARCO OMC Tilt Trim Motor 6208

  • Tilt trim motor for OMC 172850, 173596
  • 3-wire connection


ARCO OMC Tilt Trim Motor 6209


  • Marine Tilt trim motor, 6209
  • Replaces O.M.C. No.”s 380361, 382138, and 382220.
  • 2 Wire Connection.

More of this tilt trim motors for outboard motors that we know you can afford. Just email us your questions at or call us at 855.666.4220

Happy sailing!

Best quality for inboard alternators

A functioning alternator is vital for your boat’s battery to stay charged. If the alternator is not working, the battery will eventually drain completely.  It is this reason why we need to check and regularly replace the alternator of our boat so that it will not cause any big trouble.

At inboard alternators from the best manufacturer are offer in a very low price compare to the other online store. Our sale inboard alternators with varied prices can be getting from $153.05 up to $ 943.70.

Check out our variety of inboard alternators below.


ARCO Inboard Alternator 20100

  • Inboard Alternator for MANY DIESEL ENGINES
  • 12 Volt
  • 70 Amp
  • Self exciting internal regulator


ARCO Inboard Alternator 20102

  • Inboard Alternator for MERCRUISER, O.M.C.
  • 12 Volt
  • 70 Amp


ARCO Inboard Alternator 20500

  • Universal-mount alternator
  • 12 Volt
  • 70 Amp

For more information, call us at 855.666.4220 and we will do our best to suggest the best inboard alternator that we have. You can also send your email us through