Why is important the Hydraulic Actuator in the Jack Plate?

A manual or hydraulic jack plate permit the prop to run in cleaner water as to allow a higher engine height which lead to faster top ends speeds and shallow water running. Why? Because a Jack Plate can benefit the performance of any boat by getting the motor height exactly right and allow you to make adjustments based on current conditions. A jack plate with hydraulic actuator allows you to lower the unit while in the water resulting in reduced drag. This is the reason why hydraulic actuator is important in the jack plate.

In the www.magemarinestore.com we simply offer the best hydraulic actuator that you must have. Out top of the line is CMC 7050. Did you know that CMC Hydraulic Actuator for hydraulic jack plates, PT-130 and PT-35 tilt trim units has been in production for the past 12 years? CMC Hydraulic Actuators for boat transom are completely self-contained with their own fluid reservoir. These CMC 7050 incorporate the pump, motor, reservoir and cylinder all in the same body. CMC Hydraulic Actuator reduces the need for multiple hydraulic components such as hoses, pumps and cylinders. Also, Hydraulic Actuator 7050 comes with a 6′ cord set that plugs into the wire assembly. It will be already sealed, full of fluid and tested!

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Parts for CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim Units

Several instances you probably encounter that your tilt and trim unit is not working properly. The tilt and trim system is an electro-hydraulic system. There are two different sub-systems: the electrical and the hydraulic. Diagnosis of problems in the electrical system is fairly straightforward. There is a source of power (the battery), controls (the trim switches and the relays they operate), and the actuator (the electric motor). With a basic knowledge of electricity you can easily investigate and repair problems in this electrical system. The hydraulic system is more complicated. There is a source of pressure (the hydraulic pump), a system of valves to distribute the pressure, and as many as three actuators. As a common rule, most all hydraulic systems depend on the proper operation of a series of one-way valves or check valves in order to maintain the hydraulic force after the actuator has been stopped. And, of course, the hydraulic system requires a completely sealed system which prevents any loss of fluid or pressure.

Just in case you find part of your tilt and trim unit not working properly, it is wise to look for the part of tilt and trim unit that is defective rather than replacing the entire unit. Here at www.magemarinestore.com where you can conveniently look for cmc tilt and trim unit parts offer these parts at the very affordable price. Tilt and trim unit parts we offer are below.

Starboard Side Motor Rail 52020

Starboard Side Transom Rail 52040

Top Clevis Bracket 52050

Bottom Clevis Bracket 52060

Serial Number Tag 52130

1/4″ – 20 x 1/2″ flat head cap screw 18-8 s.s 52070

1/8″ – 1/2 x 1″ Natural Nylon Flat Washer 52120

1/2″ – 13 Two Way Self locking Hex nut 18-8 S.S. cad Plated 7080

PT-35 Warning Sticker 52140

Watch Your Hands Warning Label 51222

Tilt & Trim Decal 52202

1/4 – 20 X 3/16″ Hex Socket Cup Oint Set Screw 18-8S.S 6083

Toggle Switch Plate 51380

PT-35 Owner’s Manual 52160

Aluminum Bronze Roller 6103

Trim Gauge 51127

12V 40A Relay 7122

Port Side Motor Rail 52010

Port Side Transom Rail CMC 52030

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The Best Accessories for your Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Unit

Important thing must be taken care off, agree? That is something that is applicable for everything including to our boat’s Jack Plate. Valuing something will lead us to look some way to enhance and to accessorize it. But it is also wiser to look for an accessory that is essential but affordable.

Good thing that you don’t need to look hard enough and browse your net. We offer at www.magemarinestore.com the accessories for your CMC Jack Plates and Tilt Trim. These accessories will not just enhance your boat’s Jack Plate and Tilt Trim but also will help you in your sailing. Take a look on our CMC Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Accessories.

CMC Gauge Kit for Jack Plates 6077

CMC Tilt Trim Gauge Conversion Kit 51207

CMC Water Pressure Gauge 20320

CMC Transom Wedges / Set back Spacers 20122

CMC Top Transom washer plate 20022

CMC Bottom Transom Washer Plate 20032

CMC Transom Clamp Adapter 13022

CMC Hydraulic Actuator 7050

CMC Pontoon Boat Transom Spacer 13032

CMC Trim Button Switch for existing tilt trim unit 20220

CMC Jack Plate and Tilt Trim Wiring Harness 7014F-7123-7124

CMC 80-AMP Relay 7493

CMC 8″ Hydraulic Actuator 7245

Wire Assembly CMC 7014G

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What you need to know about Wakeboard Typhoon and Sky Towers

You might be asking, why do I need to buy a wakeboard tower? Definitely the following are the reasons:
•    It raises the tie off point of the rope, allowing the rider to not be drawn down by a low   tie off point.
•    It frees up space inside the boat paralleled to an extended pylon which tends to be in the middle of the boat and have straps or supports that are tough to evade while moving around in the boat.
•    It offers a great place to put wakeboard racks, music speakers, or lights.
•    It’s handy to use as a upkeep when moving around the boat or to get in or out of the boat.
•    Not to mention that it looks cool.

Well I hope now it is clear why you need to buy a wakeboard typhoon and Sky Towers. One of the wakeboard typhoon and sky towers we offer at http://www.magemarinestore.com is:

Universal Wakeboard and Ski Tower Features:

•    Wake board Typhoon Tower will fit virtually all non-permit trailer boat.
•    Folds down for convenient storage.
•    You can construct it in less than an hour.
•    Quick and easy to install.
•    Holds up to 4 wake boards or water skis.
•    Regular price: $786.25
•    Sale price: $650.00

You see how much saving you can get? So hurry and enjoy the benefits of having a wakeboard and ski tower. For more information call us at 855.666.4220 or email us at sales@magemarinestore.com

The Best Quality in Outboard Starters

Let’s admit it engine problem is always part of a boat life and most of the time come in the most inconvenient way. So before your engine put you down while having fun sailing with your family or loves ones, regular checking is a must.

Start your checking by diagnosing your outboard engine. How would you know if the outboard is doing well or not? You need to check if your boat will start or not by checking the outboard starter. If the outboard starter engage and rotate the flywheel at a normal speed your outboard starter is good to go but if flywheel rotates but engine does not attempt to start you need to check the spark plug, compressor or the starter itself.

Good thing about buying a new outboard starter is that we offer it in a low reasonable price. Check our list of outboard starter at www.magemarinestore.com and check out some of our outboard starter below.


ARCO Outboard Starter 3412

·         Outboard Starter for Suzuki, Tohatsu, Nissan boat engine
·         30 to 40 HP, 2 Stroke
·         Replaces: Hitatchi S108-94, S108-112, S108-120
·         9-tooth drive gear


ARCO Outboard Starter-3423

·         Outboard Starter for YAMAHA 1987-Up 30 HP 1989-Up 40-50 HP
·         11-tooth drive gear


ARCO Outboard Starter 3426

·         Outboard Starter for YAMAHA 1984-1996 115-200 HP, 2 Stroke 1995-2000 40-50 HP, 4 Stroke
·         Replaces: Hitachi S114-323
·         9-tooth drive gear

For more information about this, email us at sales@magemarinestore.com or call us at 855.666.4220 and we will do our best to answer your inquiries.


Happy boating!

Outboard Motor Jack Plates from CMC

Well guys. You knew from our previous post how outboard can simply do amazing job to you boat. So, the next question is what are the other options for an outboard motor for my boat? Solution? The CMC Manual Jack Plates and CMC Hydraulic Jack Plates! You read and saw it right and the next thing that you need to know is which will I choose, Manual Jack Plates or Hydraulic Jack Plates? But of course, both of these perform very well the only difference is that Hydraulic Jack Plate gives you more convenience than Manual Jack Plate but Manual Jack Plate is cheaper than of Hydraulic Jack Plate. Now, are you confused on what to choose? To give you more of an idea, let me present you some sample product of Manual Jack Plates and Hydraulic Jack Plates found at www.magemarinestore

Manual Jack Plates


ML-65 10″ Setback Manual Jack Plate Features:

·         One Piece Design
·         Provides 10 inch set back from the transom
·         Gives 5″ of vertical travel.
·         Rated up to 300 HP V-6 outboard motor applications.
·         Made of 1/2″ 6061 T6 extruded aluminum alloy.
·         Increases fuel efficiency.
·         Regular price: $330.20
·         Sale price: $304.80


Manual Jack Plate 65012 Features:

·         5 1/2 inch of setback from the boat transom.
·         Made for V-6 and smaller marine motor applications.
·         One piece design for outboard motor.
·         This high strength 6061 extruded aluminum alloy mounting bracket lets you easily raise or lower your boat motor.
·         Regular price: $317.20
·         Sale price: $292.80

Hydraulic Jack Plates


PL-65 Hydraulic Jack Plate Features:

·         Provides 5 inches of vertical travel
·         5 ½ inches of set back from the boat transom.
·         Ideal for fresh or salt water use. No welds or castings to break.
·         Adjustable for different speeds, water conditions, and varying loads on your boat.
·         Price: $822.25


PL-65 Hydraulic jack plate with Gauge Features:

·         Provides 5 inches of vertical travel
·         5 ½ inches of set back from the transom.
·         Adjustable for different speeds, water conditions, and varying loads on your boat.
·         Rated for V-6 and smaller motor applications.
·         Price: $992.45

Did you notice that limited Manual Jack Plates are sale? Compare our prices from our leading competitor and you will see how much you can save with us. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and place your order now. Call us at 855.666.4220 we are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. You can also send us your inquiry at sales@magemarinestore.com . We will wait your call and email.  Hurry now while supplies last!

What Inboard and Outboard Starter can do to your Boat?

The inboard starter is a necessary electrical engine part for turning over and starting a diesel engine and therefore is very important part most boats and marine engines. The outboard starter on the other hand can elevate the propeller and lower unit out of the water to avoid accumulation of seaweed, underwater hazards such as rocks, and to clear road hazards while trailering most especially if the boat is out of service or being drawn in to shallow water. These are the few important reasons why we need to check the inboard and outboard starter of our boat especially when we are planning a weekend trip or before going on fishing.

www.magemarinestore.com is very proud to announce that you can both buy the brand of your inboard starter and outboard starter in our online store. We are very proud on our highly competitive, low price products that will help you minimize the cost of your inboard starter and outboard. You will struggle to look for prices that are quite as cheap as ours but, brand new and with quality assurance.

Take a peak on our selection of inboard starter and outboard starter by clicking the following.

Inboard Starters


ARCO Inboard Starter 10113


ARCO Inboard Starter 12102


ARCO Inboard Starter 12205

Outboard Starters


ARCO Outboard Starter 3410


ARCO Outboard Starter 3421


ARCO Outboard Starter 3425

Over all, we offer an almost 54 inboard starter while we have a total of 66 outboard starters.  From this Inboard starter and outboard starter, you can definetly find the best and the suited outboard or inboard starter for your boat.

So what are you waiting for? Avoid the hassle of being stuck up in the middle of the sea or bay. Don’t spoil the fun because of an old inboard and outboard starter. Call us at 855.666.4220 and our friendly customer service representative will be glad to assist you to find your inboard or outboard starter. You can also reach us through email at sales@magemarinestore.com and we will do our best to answer your inquiry.

The Arco Marine Electrical Parts

Have you tried starting the engine of your boat and never heard any “roaring” sound coming from the motor? Of course the best next thing that you need to do is to find solution on this problem so that your business or trip will not be delayed.  Do you have an idea where to find the replacement of your defective electrical parts or even the entire inboard or outboard engine?

We offer but the best and that is Arco Marine Electrical Parts, the leader in marine electrical parts and with their computerized testing equipment. Do you know that every unit of Arco Electrical Parts is tested for performance beyond its normal operating condition, so you will be sure that what you are buying has being through quality inspections before its delivery.  And since we value you, our dearest customer, we offer out boat parts, the Arco Marine Electrical Parts on the lowest price compare to our leading boat competitor store. We always want the best for your boat, high quality product like Arco Marine Parts but we will make sure that it will never hurt your budget. Here our wide range of Arco Marine Electrical Products.

Battery Isolators

Inboard Alternators

Inboard Starters


Outboard Starter Repair Parts

Outboard Starters

Personal Watercraft Starters & Drivers



Tilt trim Motors

Tilt Trim Repair Parts

Voltage Regulators

All these you can find at www.magemarinestore.com your personal convenience boat store. For any questions or inquiries, email us at sales@magemarinestore.com or call us at 855.666.4220. Were open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time.

Hydraulic Jack Plates Importance

Did you know that there are different types of jack plates, the manual and the hydraulic jack lates? Hydraulic  Jack plate gives you the ability to adjust your boat motor down, for better out of the hole shots or up for better top end speed, better fuel efficiency, and more prop clearance in shallow water.

Hydraulic Jack plates are easy to install and can be done in a few hours with basic tools and the help of a friend.  By using a hydraulic jack plates you can change the height with a center adjustment your motor even while driving your boat in just a flip of a switch. With the use of hydraulic jack plate you can expect a boat’s maximum speed on the water, increase your propeller clearance, and help you get up on plane faster.

At www.magemarinestore.com you can select from our hydraulic jack plates. Below are the different hydraulic jack plates that we have.

PL-65 Hydraulic Jack Plate 65002

PL-65 Hydraulic Jack Plate with Gauge 65001

PL-65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 5 1/2″ Set back 65302

**New** PL-65 10″ Set-Back High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 61302

PL-65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 10″ Set-Back w/ gauge 61301 **New**

PL-65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 5 1/2″ Set-Back with gauge 65301**New**

PL-65 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Racing Jack Plate 65201

PL-65 10″ Set back Hydraulic Jack Plate 61002

PL65 Hydraulic Jack Plate 10″ Setback 61001

With CMC Hydraulic Jack Plates, you can never be wrong. Contact us at 855.666.4220 we are open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Central Time. You can also email us your inquiries at sales@magemarinestore.com and we will answer your queries.

Have fun boating!

Johnson Marine Parts

Hello there! Remember on my previous blog when I said how Ignition System is important? But of course, there are different ignition systems for every boat…right? With this we would like to commend a different brand of ignition system and that is for Johnson Marine Parts.  OMC Johnson Evinrude Replacement parts for your OMC (Johnson/Evinrude) engine. It is designed for boaters from CDI Electronics. Choose the necessary ignition part and achieve the best performance of your boat. See below the following Johnson Marine Parts .

OMC/Johnson/Evinrude Ignition Packs

OMC/Johnson/Evinrude Ignition Harnesses

OMC Connectors and Tools

OMC/JOHNSON/EVINRUDE Regulators & Rectifiers

OMC Stator Replacement

Ignition Sensors

Want to know more about these parts? Email us at sales@magemarinestore.com or call 855.666.4220 we are open from monad through Friday from 8am to 5pm of Central Time. You can see all other boat products including this Johnson Marine Parts at www.magemarinestore.com

You want the best performance of your boat? Regular checking on your boat parts and replaces your obsolete item for your convenience.